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Kim Johnston - Sunrise in Ipswich

Why counselling?

Many clients prefer the ease and privacy associated with not needing a GP referral or mental health care plan, and wait times are often far shorter. Counselling also offers a shift away from assessment, diagnosis and other limiting aspects of the medical model. Far from being less of a science however, counselling combines evidence-based interventions that prompt change, with the skills and qualities of the counsellor. Research tells us that counselling is highly effective, and that a client-centred approach and focus on the counselling relationship is key to this.


My clients over the years have sought guidance for challenges with relationship conflict, parenting, childhood behaviours, life transitions, daily family struggles, health issues and stress management. Many have arrived feeling confused, angry, disheartened or hopeless, and often unheard and undervalued from their previous attempts to seek help.


What can sessions with Limestone Counselling look like?

Telling your story for the first time can be difficult. A good counselling session should leave you feeling genuinely heard and understood, with a sense that the counsellor is curious to learn more and understand deeper. As a counsellor, I am a strong believer that you are the expert on yourself and your challenges.


Sometimes clients already know what they would like to change, and sometimes they may need to just explore before being ready to discover goals and options. The client’s preferences and needs determine the direction we take.


The counsellor’s role is to guide exploration and help develop strategies towards change.  This should involve highlighting and using client strengths.  Being flexible and creative in how we perceive goals and progress can be powerful. Small, gradual changes can make an amazing impact on daily life. This is a collaboration, and I aim for clients to become knowledgeable and empowered. Clients should feel like equal and respected partners with the counsellor, rather than recipients of therapy. 

Services and Fees

NDIS Clients

NDIS clients are welcome, charged according to the current NDIS price guide


Home visits are available by negotiation for NDIS clients (Greater Ipswich, West Brisbane, South Brisbane & Logan areas)

Please visit the Contact page or phone (03) 30500778 for a service quote

Private Clients

$126 per standard session (50mins) for individuals, couples or families


$65 per brief/introductory session (30mins)


$190 per extended session (80mins)


Please enquire if you are unsure which

session length best suits your needs


Private health fund rebates currently available for BUPA, Doctors Health Fund and GU Health members (please check your policy)

GP referrals and Mental Health Care Plans are welcome however there are no Medicare rebates for private counselling 


The name “Limestone Counselling” reflects our street location, as well as Ipswich’s quarry-mining history and original town name (Limestone Hills). I am situated in The Boulevarde, 17 Limestone Street Ipswich.  The private office is at the back of the arcade, near stairs down to the underground car park.  There are toilets available and the arcade is pram and wheelchair accessible.


Entrance to the free underground car park is adjacent to The Boulevarde street sign. There is also often street parking out the front and nearby, and the large Coles and Officeworks car par is a short walk (please observe the signs if using this car park).

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