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Kim Johnston - Bremer River Rail Bridge.
Book Directly

Appointments can be made below, or via Facebook here.

* Please make contact if you have difficulty finding a time that suits you (see information at the bottom of this page)


* Home visit appointments can only be made for NDIS clients where a Service Agreement has been signed - please see the "Contact" page to organise this

Are you having difficulty finding a convenient appointment time that is as soon as you would like?

Please phone or send a message. Additional times may be available or I can put your name on the cancellation list. If you’ve had negative experiences with being put on cancellation lists before, please be reassured;

  • I look at the cancellation list anytime a cancellation is made, so I can offer that spot to someone else who might need it

  • It's ok to have an appointment booked in advance, as well as being on the cancellation list for an appointment that is sooner (you can keep, cancel or change your other booking if you take a cancellation spot)

  • The list is ordered by the date a client requested to be added, however I also consider urgency expressed by clients and prioritise on a case-by-case basis


I look forward to being able to provide an appointment

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